On this one I will say it again, the biggest mistake that consultants and some directors make in Mary Kay is that they are always talking non stop about their Super Duper Millionaire Making Directors and Nationals.  If you check on their websites in social places like facebook, twitter, blogs etc. every link takes you straight to a Mary Kay generic website provided by the company. Of course it is great to have this websites so when your customers want to buy your products or services they know where to go or when you need to sign up a new person. My question to you is how does a generic website that everyone in your company has, one that does not allow you to express who you really are make you stand out? Its time you wake up and realize that a generic website will NEVER make you stand out. People want to know who you are. It is you they are doing business with not your company. Mary Kay is just providing them with products through YOU. This is a huge mistake. Did you know that Googe does not like generic websites? You will never get traffic from google coming to your generic site. Google drives all the traffic to the company main website then guess what?

The company DECIDES who get that prospect or customer and you know that is based on the Star Consultant Program. Stop relying on the company to send you one or two customer a quarter, you generate your own traffic and reach thousands of people by positioning yourself as a leader. You can go viral in just a matter of days by building your own “brand” . Offer people some tips and advise on skin care or galmor application without mentioning any company. Just present yourself as an expert. Do some homework on skin care and skin care issues and write articles and blogs about solutions to people’s skin care issues. When you offer people value and solution, they will begin to trust you and you will begin to build those online relationships.. remember this is a Relationship Building Business.

Guess what? MaryKay does not need you to advertise for them. They have enough money to do that and they know how and where to do it. In fact if you google Mary Kay the company, you will see them pop up in several results. How many times does your name show up in Google if someone were to search for you as a business owner and expert in your field? Now I am in no way saying you should never talk about your company or their products and opportunity, I am just saying you need to know when and how to do it but it should not always be about the company and nothing about you. You should always be the main focus. Network Marketing is a business that is based on building relationships. People will buy into you first before they buy into the products or the opportunity that you are promoting. That is why it is important that you learn the art of self branding and online attraction marketing. Own a pieace of your own internet real estate.

Think about it for a moment when customers and prospects are searching out Mary Kay, what is going to cause you to stand out? What will make that person want to do business with you over other millions folks promoting that very same company? You deserve to learn how to build your business right by branding you and then duplicate that into your downline/team. While branding yourself, be sure you have a message and something of value to give to others and that is not going to be how great Mary Kay is and how great the products are even though you and I know that to be true.

People join people not companies remember!! Invest in yourself by reading books and listening to cds , videos, etc I am sure you already know this one. The problem is most people are only reading books that inspire and motivate them and nothing wrong with that (in fact I have lots of them and I love them) but you also need to invest in books DVDs and cds that gets right into your field and teaches you exactly what to do and am not talking about the company’s flip chart or. Get yourself out there and get really educated about the network marketing industry in general and then go out and make a difference in others lives using your Mary Kay Business as a vehicle.

There are many different ways to brand yourself and I guarantee you if you follow my advice, you will see a huge difference in your business. You will not be violating the terms of your contract by so doing because you will not be promoting Mary Kay, Company XYZ or using their name or brand.

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Note:  Above information about the Mary Kay referral program may have changed since this blog post was written.  Please contact the company directly or visit their official website to get a more up to date information