As a Mary Kay National Sales Director, you make 9% commission of all your first lines offspring directors, 4% of all your second line directors, 2% of all your third line directors units and another 2% of the top 10 Fourth line units.

Mary Kay National Sales Directors also make 9% to 13% of your personally sponsored team members and again that has its qualifications, then you make another 13% unit commission of your own personal unit and still another 10% Mary Kay National Director personal Unit commission.

Mary Kay National Sales Director, do not have to qualify for their Mary Kay Car. As a matter of fact as a National Director, you can drive the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac Escalade, or any other Cadillac awarded to the Nationals or take the cash option to buy a car of your choice.

If you chose cash the company gives you $1,400 every month in addition to all the above bonuses. As a Mary Kay National Director, you automatically qualify to a National Trip every year which most of them are outside of the country all expense paid.

There are other cash bonuses awarded to Mary Kay National Directors and you can see them by visiting your mary kay intouch website.

For example when a Mary Kay National Sales Director develops a new first line offspring. $3000 every quarter if a National Sales Director has 100 Star Consultants in their 1st, 2nd and 3rd line offspring and each additional 100 Stars.

There are different National Levels namely, Mary Kay National Director, Senior National Director, Executive National Sales Director and Mary Kay Elite National Sales Director. When a national achieve each level their commission goes up. Please refer to Mary Kay advance brochure for the qualification on each level or contact the company directly. Your Mary Kay Intouch site has all these details.

As you can see, Mary Kay pays really good commissions and bonuses to their sales force. The company also offers great quality products and has actually been the number one selling brand of skin care and color cosmetics for many years.

The support system is great and you never feel left out or alone. There is always someone to help or to inspire you. The only one problem is the training. Mary Kay Sales Directors and Mary Kay National Sales Directors all train their consultants to market the product and share the opportunity using marketing strategies that was used when the company was founded.

They still use the old traditional way of marketing that Mary Kay Ash taught in 1963 when she first started the company. Product is sold by word of mouth to friends and family and when consultants run out of their warm market, they are taught how to meet strangers.

They are taught to warm chatter and talk strangers into agreeing to host a skin care classes or to just simply try the product or the opportunity. Now this method of marketing worked well in the 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s but the world have evolved since then because of the power of the internet. Even though Mary Kay Consultants have a generic website from the company, this does not make them stand out when everyone has the same site.

The generic or replicated site is great for selling products once you have a ready to buy customers or to sign a new team member. What Mary Kay Consultants are not taught is how to brand themselves and use the power of the internet to attract customers and qualified prospects who are already looking.

It would be much easier for consultants and Mary Kay Sales Director to reach the level of Mary Kay National Sales Director if they mastered the art of online personal branding. If you would like to learn how to build your own personal brand online and start attracting more customers and team members, Click Here..