What exactly do I mean by not recruiting babies on your team to sell Mary Kay? Well, am talking about people who like whining and complaining all the time.  Avoid recruiting them into your Mary Kay Unit or team by all means.  If you do you have to be prepared to baby sit them.. remind them about weekly meetings, getting on the calls, placing their orders, booking, etc.

Your Mary Kay unit’s complainers will complain about their team members if they have any, complain about the products, about their customers and when you are not there they will complain about you. Complaining and whining is in their DNA.

Trying to make sense with complainers is a waste of time and energy. The best thing you can do to avoid or limit the number of complainers in your unit is working with people who want to build a business. When you recruit babies into your unit or your team, then you set yourself up for baby sitting and you set your Mary Kay Unit up for failure.

On the other hand, when you find people who genuinely want to build a business and they sign up with you or in your Mary Kay Unit or team, then you in a very big part are responsible for training them build a successful Mary Kay business as their Mary Kay Sales Director.

This does not mean you do the work for them, all it means is you provide them with the right leadership that leads them to success and not failure or debt. In most cases if you dig deeper you will notice that where  Mary Kay Units do not grow the fault is with the their leaders. It is true your consultants have to meet you half way and do their part but it is also your responsibility to teach them the right way to market the Mary Kay products and the Mary Kay opportunity.

It is totally ridiculous to think that you can have them spend thousands of dollars to buy products then tell them the way to sell that product is to warm chatter 5 people every day. It will take them a long time before they can see any return on their investment today.  Things have changed since this type of marketing was invented.

It is also ridiculous to tell them to get a bunch of personal users and family members to go into DIQ or go on target for their car. You are setting that consultant for failure if you encourage personal users, auntie sue, and uncle Joe to be signed up to help her achieve the goal.

She may achieve the goal but she will not last and in return you will be setting yourself up for failure too. Your success as a Mary Kay Sales Director is determined by how many people in your Mary Kay Unit you genuinely help achieve their own success.

If you are a frustrated Mary Kay Sales Director because your Mary Kay Unit is not growing, or you are not making your monthly production or Mary Kay Car production, then you will end up with a bunch of frustrated team members.

I once heard Jo Anne Barners a Mary Kay National Sales Director say that your Mary Kay Unit is a reflection of you. My question is do you like what you see? If the answer is no, then you need to go out and get you some winners who want to be led into building a successful Mary Kay business.

Your Mary Kay Unit members will be successful if you teach them how to integrate online marketing with offline marketing and equip them with the proper tools. That is just the world we live in today.

One more tip, if you have some winners in your unit and you work with them and they move on to DIQ, watch out for your own discipline. Do not relax and tell them to go to work so you can sit back and have them do all the work.

These Mary Kay business honey moon will not last. You do not stop doing what got you into directorship, you work just as hard to build your organization. The speed of the pack is determined by the speed of the leader. Taking your foot off the gas will not only halt you but it will slow your entire Mary Kay Unit’s momentum.

In summary do not buy into complainers no matter what their excuses are. If they live in a small town they can still build a business there. Next time they tell you something like ” I live in kalamazoo and the population here is just a couple of thousand people” ask them: Sue do you think If I relocated to Kalamazoo I would be able to build a successful Mary Kay business there?

If you can build it there they can too. They are right where they are supposed to be and if they don’t like living there then they are not planted there they can always move (I guess that is kind of harsh so you have to be careful how you say it but it is the truth).

Only recruit people who have pre-qualified themselves to join your Mary Kay unit or team then provide them with the right marketing training. I suggest you get this Online Team Building Guide that teaches you how to recruit the right people who are looking to start a home business in direct sales marketing.