Most of the calls and emails I get from Mary Kay Consultants are about thriving in a down economy. My answer is always the same do not buy into the down economy.

Your business can still thrive no matter what is going on. Women have not stopped wearing lipsticks or cleaning their faces because the economy is bad. In fact some statistics shows that the sale of cosmetics goes up during economic hard times. You can choose to be a successful Mary Kay Consultant by design or you can chose to keep doing what you have been doing that has not quite generated any business profit.

The truth of the matter is,you can build a less stressful business,  You know the one where you never have to worry about end of the month production as a director, maintaining or qualifying for your Mary Kay car or even just worrying about being a Mary Kay star consultant.

If you do not stretch your marketing skills as an independent contractor or Mary Kay Consultant, then you are going to spin your wheels and your will be complaining about your lack of business success a year from now.  You will be blaming your recruiter, your director, sr. director, your national and everybody else but yourself.

My suggestion to you is you get into result producing mood. If you have been reading my blog I dare you to apply some of the online marketing ideas.   I suggest you apply them, incorporate that with some of your offline marketing and see what happens to your Mary Kay business in the next 90 days.

Now, I say do not be in a rush, nothing is going to happen overnight. For most people, It will take about 90 days to see a total shift in your business once you get your systems and marketing in place. Take control of your own business and stop blaming your recruiter or your Mary Kay sales director.

All Mary Kay Consultants should be responsible for their own success. Your sponsor and in some cases your Mary Kay sales director might not even have a clue themselves and might be struggling in their own businesses.

How then can you expect them to show you what to do when they are busy worrying about their own month end production goal or other Mary Kay qualifications? You go make it happen and show your team  and other Mary Kay Consultants how it is done from your own proven record. Click Here to Learn More about our online marketing training at