Once a week, Mary Kay Consultants are encouraged to attend their Mary Kay Sales director’s weekly meeting and if they are out of town from where their director lives, then they go to another directors meeting who is local to them.

This is a great program that Mary Kay Consultants and Mary Kay Sales Directors have and is usually referred to as “Adoptee Program”. The weekly meeting provides the consultants with training on how to sell and how to recruit new people into their team.

There is a great deal of motivation & Inspiration at Mary Kay Cosmetics weekly meetings and other Mary Kay Sales Directors and beauty consultants gatherings.

In addition to weekly meeting sometimes there are Saturday morning breakfasts usually referred to as “Opportunity Breakfasts” and at these events consultants invite guests so their Mary Kay Sales Directors or National Sales Directors can share the Mary Kay Opportunity with them.

The company usually host 3 major events a year. Every January, they have a Mary Kay Sales Directors and national Sales Director Leadership Conference.

Each year the conference is held in a different State and all Mary Kay Sales Directors and Nationals have to fly to the State where the conference is being held. Leadership is usually 3 to 4 days depending on whether your Mary Kay National Sales Director has any area event planned prior to the actual leadership kick off.

Every Mid March the Mary Kay Cosmetics hosts Career Conferences around the country. The Mary Kay Beauty Consultants are invited to this particular conference and it is usually more local to them at least within 3 hours driving distance from where they live or even less.

This is usually a 2 days event. The next big event is the Mary Kay Seminar hosted by the company each year in Dallas, Texas between end of July and beginning of August.

Mary Kay Seminar is usually about 4 to 5 days but this sometimes depends on your Mary Kay National Sales Director. If your National Director has an event before the official seminar kick off,  then you are encouraged to fly in two days before the official Mary Kay Seminar.

In addition to the Mary Kay Cosmetics Corporate hosted events, your Mary Kay National Sales Director usually hosts a once a year event referred to as National Area Retreat.  Mary Kay Sales directors and Mary Kay Consultants have to fly out or drive to their National Sales Director’s State as most Nationals hosts their retreats within their home states.

NOTE:  Any information written on this blog may have changed since this post was written.  To get a more up to date information please visit the Mary Kay official website or call the company directly.

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