If you are thinking of starting a home based business, Or if you already have one but you are second guessing yourself, here is a summary of some of the benefits of having a successful home based business.

1.  You are able to work on your own terms — choose where, when, and with whom you want to work.

2.  You have fewer interruptions — no meetings, fewer phone calls, no coffee room social gatherings. So you get more productive work.

3.  Less commuting — less wear and tear on your car, and yourself, less money spent on gas or public transport. You can travel to appointments in off-peak traffic.

4.  You have more time for yourself and your family, and can pick up the kids after school, attend daytime school functions, exercise at lunchtime, let in the repair man, shop when the supermarket is empty, and make a real dinner.

5.  You do not necessarily have to dress up — less money spent on office clothes and cosmetics, less laundry. Ah maybe not cosmetics for women, some of us sleep with our make up on …

6.  You no longer have to buy lunch or pack it — have money, sit in peace and sunshine on the back veranda.

7.  You can actually follow your own body rhythms — work at 5 am or 11 pm. Take a break when you feel like it on the comfy couch with coffee and the newspaper, have an afternoon nap.Last but not least you decide your paycheck: You decide how much money to make. The harder your work the more you make, there is no glass ceiling.

8.  You decide How much money your make. This is probably the most important one next to being there for your family: You decide how much money to make when you work for yourself. The harder your work the more you make, there is no glass ceiling. You just have to keep saying yes to yourself.

You either put up with your boss’s crap or you move on get another job, and pray that the next one will be better than the previous or step up and build your own business and be your own boss.

What I love about being my own boss is the fact that no one tells me how much I make, when to come in, when to eat lunch and how long, when to go home and what to do. No one is looking over my shoulders. I do these things at my own time.

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