A lot of people who starts a home business selling Mary Kay Cosmetics or other direct sales marketing companies end up failing within their first two years mostly because they lack business experience and the right marketing approach. Majority of these people get their home business started with great hope and every intention of building a successful home based business, they just never make it.

Your Mary Kay Cosmetics business is set to succeed if it is started with the right experience and where experience is lacking then definitely the right marketing systems put in place.

You cannot count on lack to be successful in any business.  You must poses the right skill sets and/or experience required to get the results or revenue desired.  This works the same across the board regardless of the business model or the company.

We are going to take a look at why some home business owners succeed and why others fail.

Why Some Mary Kay Consultants & Other Direct Sales Marketing Home Businesses Owners Fail

  • The business owner is inexperienced and lack the skills required to succeed in the industry.
  • A lot of people who are recruited into selling Mary Kay Cosmetics do not have the slightest idea on how to build a business and have no clue about what it takes to create success in this type of industry.
  • Some people are willing to learn, but they just don’t have any leadership or guidance from a mentor who can provide them with the right tools and information.
  • Some people don’t count the start-up cost before they start pouring their hard earned money into the business and so they get frustrated and discouraged when they see that their fabulous idea is not producing the expected revenue

Why Some Home Businesses Owners have succeeded in Selling Mary Kay Cosmetics.

  • They have laid out a business marketing model customized to their business needs
  • The home based business owner who decides to sell Mary Kay Cosmetics understands that they need to first seek the guidance and mentorship of an experienced and someone who has been successful in the field they are pursuing.
  • They set goals and never give up until they achieve them
  • They know how to build relationships with their customers and prospects and team members
  • They treat their business like a business and use their money wisely
  • They constantly work on their leadership skills
  • They understand that sales and marketing is the heart of their business and know how to sell and market their product.

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