Start creating your own flow

If you are serious about creating success Selling Mary Kay Cosmetics business, then it is time you make a business decision to stop running in circles and start creating your own “Mary Kay Signature Of Success”.

You must learn how to separate yourself from the crowded bottom 98%. 98% of Mary Kay consultants keep talking about making money, owning their own business, moving on to DIQ, on to directorship and on to building a strong Mary Kay National Area. The sad part of it is, very few people are willing to do the work that produces the results.

Majority of consultants think that their Mary Kay Cosmetics business success is defined by the amount of inventory they purchase every month, the number of prizes they receive every quarter or simply the number of pins they wear at their Mary Kay Cosmetics weekly meetings.

Let’s be very clear on one thing:  Your Mary Kay Cosmetics business success is defined by the profit you generate from your business.  The income you bring home from that business every month.

Your success in Mary Kay is also measured by how many other people on your team you help build a successful business as it is in any Network Marketing business.  The joy of a successful Mary Kay Cosmetics business is that not only do you share your success with your family, but you can share it with others.

If the ONLY Mary Kay Marketing method you have is the 3-foot rule, list of 100 family and friends, hotel meetings, 3- way calls, handing out 5 business cards a day, everyone with a pulse is your prospect, then you are just going with the flow and it is time to regroup and create your own flow.  Why?

Simply because all the things I mentioned here are  methods or functions, not systems. The type of Marketing System you have in place will determine your Mary Kay Cosmetics business success.

If you have followed my training you already know that I am a strong advocate of Blogging Your Way To Success.  I believe that taking your direct sales marketing business online is the key to success in your Mary Kay business.  I

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did not say take your Mary Kay business opportunity or products online I said taking you online and then using that online presence to build your Mary Kay customers and team.

You also know that in your Mary Kay Cosmetics business in order to be successful you need to market yourself to find customers and leads. Unless you have a large group of friends and family that will buy and recruit with you month after month, then you know as a independent business owner you are going to need to find more customers, more bookings and more prospects on your own.

Where else is the best place to find these people than online where most people spend most of their time?  Do you think they are looking for a home based business in the mall? Nope!! They are looking online.

Are you ready to create your own flow?  Are you ready to stop doing what you have been doing that has not produced business results in your selling Mary Kay Cosmetics? Then here is you step by step guide to designing your own blog It is your first step to creating a strong online presence.