What is the real deal for Mary Kay Consultants when it comes to building a successful Mary Kay Cosmetics business online or offline?  Two simple answers. “The Money Is In The List & Your Fortune Is In Your Follow Up”.

If you’re wondering what the secret is and how so many people in other direct sales marketing companies seems to achieve massive success online then I will tell you all their secrets.

Everything  is hidden in their ability to build a big list and how good they are when it comes to follow up with those on their list.  Most online marketers are very good at this and they have systems in place for their follow up.   Your success in online and offline as a Mary Kay Consultant boils down to two things:

1.  Your ability to build a big list of people who will get to know you, trust you and they want to stay connected and receive more information from you.

2.  Your ability to follow up with those on your list.

Your ability to build a big list online puts you on the driver’s seat and you will be able to simply send them an email at any time offering your Mary Kay Products.  You can also send them an email announcing a sale or a promotion you have going on or just offering more information about your Mary Kay Cosmetics business opportunity.

By so doing, you can receive a flood of orders and even get more responses from some people on your list who might be interested in learning more about your

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opportunity or actually signing up as Mary Kay Consultants on your Mary Kay team or Mary Kay Unit.

Building a big list is the most important thing you can do as a home business owner. The good thing about building your list online is the fact that you gather names and email addresses from people already interested in your field.

In list building, customers actually request information from you and you can build and nature relationship with your Mary Kay prospects, which actually gives you a huge advantage over your competitors and other Mary Kay Consultants who rely on “making a list” you know, the memory jogger’s list.

The one thing you have to also remember is that no matter how big you list is, it is not everyone on your list who will buy Mary Kay Products from you the first time you send them an email.

As a matter of fact majority of them will not.  So do not have false expectation each time you email them, only a small percentage will buy.  The same goes with your Mary Kay business opportunity. Even if your email offer them exactly what they are looking for, they do not always sign up when they receive your first email.

Bottom line is, even though building a huge list online is one way you can automate your business, you still need to follow up with most customers and prospects to get to know them and to build those relationships.

Mary Kay Cosmetics is a relationship building business and, the internet alone is not enough to nature your relationship with customers, prospects or team members.  You have to add a human connection to it via phone or one on one. There are times when people will sign up or buy without calling or emailing you but you never want to give up the human touch.

You probably have heard the saying “Some will, some won’t, so what? who cares, who’s next?” The problem with this is most people give up on their prospects the first or the second time if they do not buy Mary Kay Products or sign up to become Mary Kay Consultants.

Just be patience as people will make decision on their own terms. The more value you provide them, the easier it is for them to make a decision to buy Mary Kay Products from you or to sign up as Mary Kay Consultants with you.

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