Everyone knows that in order to build a successful Mary Kay Cosmetics business, you will need to not only be able to build a strong solid customer base but to also have the ability to build your Mary Kay team.

We already covered on a previous post, what it takes to move up the Mary Kay ladder of success from being an independent beauty consultant to DIQ and on to becoming a Mary Kay Sales Director.

As a Mary Kay Sales Director you must constantly stay motivated not just for you but also for your Mary Kay Unit.  Now, there is a difference between motivation and hype.

I am talking about staying motivated and inspired by reading positive books and listening to positive cd’s or watching something motivational daily at least for 30 minutes.  Most of you are familiar with the mental bath.   Zig Ziggler said it better “motivation is like bathing, it needs to be done daily”.

You cannot just go to a Mary Kay weekly meeting or Mary Kay Seminaror leadership get motivated for a day or two then go back home and fall back to mediocrity. As a leader, whatever you read, watch or listen to stay motivated must be a part of your daily routine.

This is really not just for Mary Kay sales directors it is for everyone who want to succeed in direct sales marketing industry. You have to watch the daily input that goes on into your mind.

The reality is, in your business as a Mary Kay Sales director, your unit is either growing or shrinking.  There is no in between.  As a director you are almost like a talent scout and you want to work with winners not whiners.

Winners are those in your Mary Kay Unit that are determined to make their own success happen no matter what.  Winners will be faced with obstacles and different challenges but they will push through those obstacles. Whiners will constantly complain and find excuses.

Life does not stop just because you are in DIQ or on target for your Mary Kay car or whatever goal you are going for.  Life will go on and winners must have the ability to find a way to make things happen during those challenging times.  Winners do not use obstacles as excuses and they do not whine about the obstacles instead they find a way.

Now, I know a lot of Mary Kay Sales Directors that have a whole lot of complainers in their units and as a director you cannot let these complainers drag you along in their complaining.  The mistake most Mary Kay sales directors make is that they buy into their consultants complaining and excuses and you turn into their mother or their baby sitter instead of being their leader.

The truth about those complainers is that they in most cases do not want a solution, they just want to sit back and complain. If you pay attention, you will realize that they really do not care about the solutions and the minute you give them one they will find a fault in something else or someone.

You spend time with them and all they do is suck up the energy out of you.  Your Mary Kay Unit winners will look for guidance and advise and not ways to fail and those are the people that deserves your time.

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