On this post I am going to talk about two character traits often overlooked by most Mary Kay Consultants and even some Mary Kay Sales Directors, which partly contribute to their failure in building a successful Mary Kay business. These are lack of ACCOUNTABILITY & COMMITMENT!

By definition, Accountability means: “The willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions”. Commitment means: “The willingness to agree, or pledge to do something and engage oneself emotionally until seeing the end result through!”

So, now that the hardest part (deciding to join Mary Kay Cosmetics) is out of the way, the only question that remains is: Are you willing to make a commitment to yourself and your Mary Kay Unit or Mary Kay team that you will be coacheable?

Can you commit to follow through, and do your very best to become a Successful Mary Kay Sales Director, earn your Mary Kay Pink Cadillac or to be a Unit Club Director? Are you ready to change your life forever and ONLY hold yourself accountable for your success or lack thereof?

Bottom line, your level of commitment and accountability is what separates those that simply say they want to become successful Mary Kay business owners, from those who actually do it and completely transform their lives in the process.

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