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How Do Your work Your Business Full Circle?

This post is written with lots of Mary Kay Consultants and Mary Kay Sales Directors in mind. Like I have mentioned before in several of my posts from last year, I do believe that Mary Kay Consultants and directors can achieve massive success due to the fact that the Mary Kay products are good quality products and the stability of the company in the market place.

However, I see a lot of Mary Kay Consultants struggling with their business year after year and some end up just calling it quit. Building a successful Mary Kay business is totally your responsibility as an independent Mary Kay consultant or independent Mary Kay Sales Director.

Note the word “independent”. In most cases Mary Kay refers to you as an independent contractor meaning you are not an employee of the company and you are totally responsible of building your business. All they do is provide you with the products to market then you do you own marketing.

The thing is, if you want to become a successful Mary Kay Consultants then you will need to start doing things differently and stop waiting for others to do it for you. Most Mary Kay Consultantsare relying on their recruiter or their sales director

You alone are responsible for your business success or failure. There is always a way out regardless of the obstacles or challenges.

to do it for them or they blame their Mary Kay Sales Director or National Sales Director if they do not make money from their Mary Kay business. Your director and your National are there to lead you and mentor you but you are responsible for your own success.

I would say look deeply into what so far you have been taught, be honest with yourself and see exactly what you have applied over and over and what results it has produced.

The truth is there is always more to building a successful Mary Kay business than building a mediocre business, you know the $200 a month business just to stay active.  You did not start your business to be active, you started to create wealth and help others along the way.

You should never build a “just to stay active” business and to be quite honest, your sponsor may be happy to have you “active” which help keep her in the “Mary Kay Red Jacket Jail,” but your family is not looking for you to build a “just active business.”  They are looking for you to build a successful Mary Kay Consultant.

So, the big question is why not decide to build a profitable successful business? Why not apply different marketing principles than what you have been applying that has failed you for years?

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You too can walk across that Mary Kay Seminar stage as a true winner not one who goes to cheer up other Mary Kay Consultants and directors then go back home more broke than you left. You too can flash those ten and twenty thousands dollar checks on the Mary Kay Applause Magazine. Why not you and why not now?

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