Mary Kay Is a Great Company especially for women and is one of the fast paced business opportunity that has been in the lead of the Cosmetic Industry for such a long time. Mary Kay Product are great and the brand is over 45 years. The company also rewards its top people by allowing them to earn career cars. Who has never had of Mary Kay Pink Cadillac? This is awesome and I can tell you I have had the privilege of driving 5 Mary Kay Cars and 3 out of the five were Pink Cadillacs. Mary Kay Ash also wanted to reward women with jewelries, diamonds and other prizes for a job well done. When it comes to applauding sales force for a job well done, no one does it better than Mary Kay. They even have a monthly magazine called “Applause”. I totally believe that women should be showered with all these prizes but the problem is some consultants and directors sometimes spend their own money to “buy into these prizes” instead of earning them.

Now before I start getting emails and calls, I know that there are thousands of hard working Mary Kay Directors and Consultants who are genuinely earning these prizes those are the ones that have built a strong customer base solid team/unit members. The freedom of working your own business, the thought of being financially free and not having a boss and working with a company where you have no glass ceiling and all the above I believe are some of the reasons why women join Mary Kay in addition to the big commission checks that some of the Mary Kay Nationals and Directors make. Check out the Inner Circle National Sales Directors Monthly Commissions on the Applause Magazine and it will blow your mind.

In 1963, Mary Kay Ash the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics decided to retire, from a successful career in direct sales and develop a dream company where women could achieve unlimited success. Today, Mary Kay is a household name and Mary Kay Inc. is one of the largest Direct Selling Company of Quality Skin Care & Color Cosmetics. “You Can Do It”. These are the words that young Mary Kay learned as a child growing up in Texas and this words shaped her spirit and the company she created. When faced with challenging tasks, her mother would always encourage her with the words “You Can Do It”. Mary Kay Ash did more than embrace her mothers words of empowerment but she later passed it on through the company she founded that would inspire millions of women all over the world for many years.

After 25 years in direct sales, Mary Kay Ash decided to give up her position as a National Training Director when she realized another man who she had trained had just been promoted to a level higher than hers and he was going to make twice of what she earned. On a notebook Mary Kay Ash began to write out about opportunities that she had been denied, what she liked on one side and what she did not on the other. She had began writing a book to help women achieve opportunities that had been denied to her because she was a woman but that book turned into an actual plan that actually helped shape the foundation of starting her own company where women will be encouraged to achieve unlimited success. Mary Kay story was and still is the story of so many women today. I would encourage anyone reading this post to actually get a copy of The Mary Kay Autobiography and read her story. It really is The Power Of One Woman who had a big dream.

When she started out in 1963 with 9 consultants the Marketing of both the product and the opportunity was done from door to door through hosting skin care classes and facials. The prospects and customers were family members and friends and then you would move into the warm chatter and cold market arena. Now this worked back then but unfortunately this is still the same “marketing” methods employed by many consultants and directors. I think if one can keep up with the new marketing trends today, it is possible to make really great income with Mary Kay. When you have over 2 millions consultants all over the world and such a great and quality product as Mary Kay has, and only 2% of the sales force have achieved the level of Sales Director, and less than a thousand National Sales Director, then something is just not right with that picture and that is just my own opinion.

I believe if most of the sales force really mastered how to brand themselves and how to market online, they can definitely cross over to the top 2% and increase that percentage to a higher percentage. How do you do this? By Mastering the art of attraction marketing by way of personal branding. Find a platform to get your message out to those who are looking. A lot of women out there are looking and their life and success depends on you stepping out and making yourself available to everyone outside of your 5 Zip Codes. Whatever you do please don’t spam people and do not violate your independent beauty consultant contract or your sales director contract. You can read my other posts on this blog to educate yourself on how to go about that. Every time the fear of change take you hostage always remember there are people who are looking and waiting. You just have not showed up yet. If what you have been doing has not been working for you over the years then maybe its time for change.

If you are not a consultant and you are reading this article interested in joining Mary Kay, I would definitely recommend the company, you can call the company to get all the facts and how to go about becoming a beauty consultant however I would strongly suggest before you sign up, you find out a little bit more about your sponsor and your director that you will be working with directly. Check them out online so you have an idea of their way of training. If they are branded you will find them on google by just typing their names.

Note:  The above information may have changed since this post was written.  Contact Mary Kay Inc. directly to get a more up to date information or visit their official company website.