When a Mary Kay Cosmetic “Director In Qualification” also known as (D.I.Q.) meets all the requirements, then she is promoted to a Mary Kay Sales Directors Position.

At this point you join the Mary Kay Top 2%. As a Mary Kay Sales Director your commission is now 9% – 13% on your personal sponsored team members, and another 9%-13% on your Mary Kay Unit.

The personal team commission is based on whether you personally place a $600 order in any given month or not. The sales director commission depends on what your unit is ordering on a given month. $4,000 or more, your make 13% anything less than that, you make 9% and if you miss the minimum $4,000 in two consecutive calendar months, then you will lose your unit and your Mary Kay Sales Director title and commissions.

All Mary Kay Sales Directors are eligible to drive a Mary Kay Directors Car which is either the Premier Club or the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac if they qualify. The Qualification for the Premier Club is $54,000 in six months.

The same qualification rules applies to your Mary Kay Car maintenance.  You must maintain the car by producing the same amount every 6 months to avoid making any car co-payment or even losing the car.

If you chose to get cash instead of taking the Mary Kay car, and your team is ordering a minimum of $26,000 each quarter, then you will get $500 each month.

For the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac, a Pink Cadillac driving Mary Kay Sales Directors would have to produce $96,000 within 6 months and must continue to do the same every six months to maintain the car and avoid any co-payment.

If a Mary Kay Sales Director, unit orders $47,000 in any given quarter and the sales director had opted in for cash compensation instead of the Mary Kay Pink Cadillac, then her monthly cash compensation is $900.

All Mary Kay Sales Directors are eligible to earn $100 each time they personally sponsor a qualified team member and they have other bonuses they achieve if their Mary Kay Units sponsor a certain number of qualified consultants. The same director bonuses applies to the Star Consultant Program which runs every quarter.

There are several directors levels before one can reach the highest or top Mary Kay level of National Sales Director. These levels are Senior Director, Executive Director, Executive Director, Elite Executive Director and National In Qualification referred to as NIQ. Each level has its own qualification requirements. If you are a Mary Kay consultant, you can find this information on your advance brochure or by simply login into your Mary Kay Intouch back office.

Note:  The above information may have changed since this blog post was written.  To get a more up to date information about Mary Kay products or opportunity, please visit the company’s official website or call the company directly. Consultants can find this information or more updated qualifications and levels inside their Mary Kay intouch back office.