Mary Kay Consultants start their business by purchasing a Mary Kay Starter’s Kit that cost $100 before sales tax and shipping is applied.

Most of the products in the Mary Kay’s starter’s kit are used as samples during skin care classes even though some new Mary Kay Consultants might chose to sell some of the products from the starter’s kit.

Once a beauty consultant get started, then she can pay $25 to get a Mary Kay Generic Website where she can sell products and sign up or recruit other new Mary Kay Consultatns into her business.

The website is $25 for the first year but there after it is $50 a year. The next step as a new Mary Kay Consultant is to decide how much inventory you are going to buy.

Mary Kay Inventory is optional and a new Mary Kay Consultant must decide whether to start with or without inventory. Mostly this is discussed between the new beauty consultant and her Mary Kay Sales Director or her Mary Kay National Sales Director if the National Director happens to be her immediate director or sponsor.

Mary Kay Consultants are discouraged to discuss Mary Kay Inventory Options with their new team members unless they are in “DIQ” – Director In Qualification. This inventory conversation is done by the sales director.

The New Mary Kay Consultants is given the option to purchase either one of the following packages:

A Basic order package which is $600,

A Premium Order Package which cost $1,200,

A Sapphire Star Package at $1,800,

A Ruby Star Package at $2,400,

A Diamond Star Package at $3,600 or

A Pearl Star Package which cost $4,800.

The Mary Kay Sales Directors or Mary Kay National Sales Director explains the benefits of each package and the Star Consultant Reward Prizes that comes with each package.

There is also a minimum order that a beauty consultant can purchase to stay active in Mary Kay and that is $200 every quarter which is three months.

If a consultant does not place a minimum of $200 in Mary Kay Inventory, every three month, then they go inactive and their sponsor, their Mary Kay Sales Director and their Mary Kay National Sales Director will all see that consultants listed as Inactive in their back office usually referred to as “Mary Kay In Touch Community”.

If a consultant continues to be inactive for another 3 months then they will be referred to as “T-Status” meaning they are “Terminated” though still in the books.

At this point, the Mary Kay Consultants who have reached “T-Status” lose all their team members if they had any. It is very important for Mary Kay consultants to note that once you lose your team members you never get them back even if you eventually buy more Mary Kay Inventory and get back to being an active consultant. Once your team is taken away from you following 3 full months of not ordering, they are gone for good.

NOTE:  Any information written on this blog may have changed since this post was written.  To get a more up to date information please visit the Mary Kay official website or call the company directly.