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Liz Kimeria is a work from home mom, a serious internet and network marketer, an author, a trainer & a coach. Liz is not just any business coach, she has had success in the industry for the last 13 plus years.

  • Liz started her Mary Kay business In December 1998
  • Liz earned her first Mary Kay Car in June 2000.
  • Liz debuted as a Mary Kay Sales Director In December 2000.
  • Liz earned her 2nd Mary Kay Car which was also her 1st Pink Cadillac in June 2001 ONLY 6 shot months after becoming a sales director.
  • On the Mary Kay Honor Society, Liz finished top 3 and was named on the company’s  Dean’s List her first full year as a director.  For this Mary Kay awarded her the esteemed Deen’s List Blue Topaz Diamond Ring.
  • At Seminar 2001 Liz was recognized as ENSD Gloria Mayfield Banks National Area Director Rookie Of The Year.
  • On her first full year as a sales director Liz led her unit to Circle Of Achievement completing the $300,000 Unit
  • In the following years Liz led her unit into achieving several unit clubs including: $350,000 Unit Club twice and the $450,000 Unit Club.
  • At Seminar 2004, once again Liz was named as the number one director in Sabrina Goodwin Monday’s National Area and she was also the number one director in ENSD Gloria Mayfield Banks Executive National Area made which comprised of 7 National Areas then (including Gloria’s)
  • On the same year, Liz finished on the top 20 of the Emerald court of recruiting/sharing earning a Mary Kay diamond bubble bee pin.
  • During her Mary Kay Career of 10 years, Liz earned a total of 5 Mary Kay Cars 3 of which were the prestigious Pink Cadillacs and a total of 5 Unit Clubs
  • Liz also helped 9 of her downline team members achieve their own Mary Kay cars 5 of which went on to achieve the Mary Kay Sales director level.

As a result of her Mary Kay success, Liz was one of the few directors that represented Mary Kay making an appearance on Today Show on NBC, Early Morning Show on CBS and The View on ABC to celebrate the company’s 40th Anniversary.

Liz left Mary Kay to start her own online training and coaching program in January 2009.   Since then Liz has been training and coaching Mary Kay consultants and directors and folks from other companies how to build successful direct sales businesses using the internet as a platform.

Only six months after Liz started her online business she had generated a huge follow up of over 1,000 consultants.  Today only 2 shot years later that network has grown to over 5,000 Mary Kay consultants and thousands others from other companies who are following her on her blogs and training communities seeking her online business building knowledge.  Her training include: Creating an online presence using different platforms like Social media, blogging, attraction marketing and personal branding.

You probably are reading this page because you are looking for a home business to join, you already have a home business but need coaching and training on how to effectively build your network marketing business or you are simply looking for a mentor who has no hidden agenda, one who can teach you how to build true wealth as you build a brand called “YOU”, and one who can teach you how to utilize the power of the internet.

Well, whatever the reason is, that landed you here, you can be sure that you will find the answers to building a successful network marketing business. You will have a chance to work with some of the greatest minds in network marketing who have embraced the power of the internet and personal branding and how you can sponsor several people on your team using attraction marketing.

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Photo Copyright © Liz Kimeria


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